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At Cloud Studio, we have developed an IoT platform that addresses real-life verticals, offering end-to-end solutions that are innovative, flexible, and field-proven.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is dedicated to connect remote devices to achieve flawless functioning and simplify operations. Likewise, an IoT platform fills the gap between devices (sensors) and applications. In other words, an IoT platform is a set of software components that enables integrators to build applications, collect data remotely, connect securely and manage devices.

The Internet of Things is an essential tool to get a better understanding of our customers and facilitate the creation of products that meet their needs. Certainly, it helps to evolve from manual processes to automated ones enabling digital transformation. Most importantly, it will provide companies with greater intelligence and real-time operational insight so that they can make better decisions.


SIMPLE & flexible

No IoT expertise required due to the End-To-End IoT Use Cases approach. Similarly, we offer a simple and transparent fee calculator charging for the number of connected endpoints.

easily connect

Wide interoperability with external hardware and platforms. Additionally, open API´s are available for developers.

Powerful application

Cover the whole range of applications, from monitoring, metering, sensing, to actuating. In addition, execute carefully designed automation strategies and energy-saving plans.

white label custom-specific

Take your customer experience to the next level using your own brand. For instance, use your own logo, write your own notifications and tailor your reports.

Our Verticals

Our versatile platform allows us to deploy solutions in different industries having a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and approaching the use cases from a holistic point of view.

Our Clients

Our customer-centric focus and our highly skilled team are the key factors on our customer’s decision.


Let's innovate together


It’s important being able to share experiences with other IOT focused companies in order to learn and improve our customer’s satisfaction.

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