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What are the benefits of IoT platforms as a service?

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Equipment manufacturers inevitably find that developing an IoT cloud platform is an arduous and dangerous task – full of unforeseen expenditures and challenges – which usually results in late time to market and expensive support costs. 

But these problems can be avoided. Using Cloud Studio platform can help save a lot of costs by using world-class, proven technology for low-level devices and user management services, while still enabling you to add custom features that differentiate products. 

In this fast-paced environment, time to market is critical, and the cost of delaying product launches can mean millions of lost opportunities. 

The fact is that it will take years to build a customized cloud platform from scratch, and starting from an existing framework may greatly reduce this work – in some cases to days or weeks.

This is a core vs context issue. Is building and running 24/7/365, a highly secure cloud platform at your core strategy? Or is it the design and development of disruptive smart devices? If you want to discuss the possibility of deploying connected products using Cloud Studio IoT Platform, please contact us.

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