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Infrastructure in times of COVID

IoT in COVID times
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In the current times where COVID-19 has forced us to drastically modify our routines, we ask ourselves, In what situation is the infrastructure that we frequent?

We can find different situations:

  • Much of it is empty or underutilized, given circulation / operation restrictions.
  • Important difficulties in the maintenance of infrastructure that is critical, due to the restrictions mentioned above which makes it more difficult or directly impossible to operate.
  • Improper or unauthorized access is directly related to security.

In short, the most important aspects are energy consumption, safety and maintenance.

In the first place regarding the use of energy, we have no news of the state in which the devices such as lights on or mechanical timers are operating on unnecessary devices or if the heating or cooling continues to work and above all it is very complex to register if the continuous operation of this has caused incidents.

Secondly, with regard to security, a large part of the infrastructure was not in a condition to be empty: we have no knowledge of the movements that are registered and we are not sure that all accesses are closed.

Finally maintenance, how can we detect a failure? Or simply, How do I check the status of the infrastructure after some maintenance activity? How can we plan it and how can we optimize it?

The Internet of Things application allows remote monitoring and management, becoming increasingly essential in these times.

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