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Our Scope

Our Scope
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At Cloud Studio we seek adding value in the following applications:

Manufacturing / Industrial:

IoT-based factory automation and control projects include comprehensive smart factory solutions with numerous elements such as shop monitoring, wearable devices and augmented reality. remote control by PLC or automated quality control systems. In turn, there are projects that include remote control of connected machinery, monitoring or management of equipment and control of complete remote industrial operations, such as oil rigs. The key drivers for the introduction of industrial IoT solutions are the reduction of operational downtime and cost savings.

Transportation / Mobility

Beyond the typical applications within this vertical that include telematics and fleet management solutions, vehicle diagnostics / monitoring, battery, tire pressure, driver status, there are also other projects Interesting features such as school bus fleet tracking, long-distance bus route optimization, and driver behavior tracking to optimize fuel use and prevent accidents.


consumption around the world is expected to grow 40% over the next 25 years, driving the need for smarter energy solutions to an unprecedented level. IoT solutions are revolutionizing the energy industry, from generation to transmission to distribution, and it is changing the way energy companies and customers interact.

Smart Cities 

cities are growing in all parts of the world, balancing the economic and technological aspects with the human dimensions. The percentage of smart city projects has decreased compared to the 2018 analysis for a number of reasons, including tender deadlines, long lead times, and the need to navigate city politics.

Smart Buildings

Connected solutions aim to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing operating costs over the entire life of the building. Connected building projects include facility automation and monitoring of building systems (HVAC, lighting, elevators, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers), building utilization and security (room use, access, surveillance).

Bespoke projects

From web-based asset management systems to provide users with real-time data on their devices, their status and the need for preventive maintenance, to traditional hardware connectivity to provide greater functionality and comfort to the end customer.

We can advise you and develop the solution you need to optimize your business, do not hesitate to contact us!

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