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Smart city stages

Smart City Stages
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Northeast Group LLC carried out a tour of the stages to develop a smart city model based on the internet of things application which is divided into 3 phases that We will see below:

Phase 1: Led technology and implementation of intelligent public lighting.

This first phase consists of implementing an intelligent public lighting system using LED technologies, geospatial information systems (GIS) and a centralized management system (CMS) to achieve sustainable development goals.

Phase 2: The use of sensors for parking, waste management, detection of security events and the possibility of integration with third-party applications, increases the levels of environmental quality and the comfort of the citizen.

Phase 3: Application of the full range of sensors allowing the monetization of urban data: in this phase it is possible to implement an IoT platform that interacts with the devices, allowing the visualization of information in real time, generating prevention of future damage and significant cost savings.

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