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Top 10 IoT apps in 2020

Top 10 IoT Applications
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Top 10 IOT Applications in 2020 according to IoT Analytics:

1. Manufacturing / Industrial:

IoT-based factory automation and control projects include holistic smart factory solutions with numerous elements, such as shop floor monitoring, portable devices and augmented reality in the workshop, remote control of PLC or automated quality control systems. In turn, there are projects outside the factory that include remote control of connected machinery, equipment monitoring or management and control of complete remote industrial operations, such as oil rigs. The key drivers for the introduction of industrial IoT solutions are reducing operational downtime and saving costs.

2. Transportation / Mobility

Typical applications within transportation / mobility include telematics and fleet management solutions that connect to the local operating system inside the car for vehicle diagnosis / monitoring, such as battery monitoring, vehicle monitoring tire pressure, driver monitoring or just vehicle tracking. Other interesting projects include the monitoring of school bus fleets, the optimization of routes for long-distance buses and the monitoring of driver behavior to optimize fuel use and prevent accidents.

3. Energy

With energy consumption worldwide expected to grow 40% over the next 25 years , the need for smarter energy solutions has reached an all-time high. IoT is revolutionizing nearly every part of the energy industry, from generation to transmission to distribution, and it is changing the way energy companies and customers interact. Both solution providers and the energy companies themselves understand the need and value of connected IoT solutions in the industry.

4. Retail Retail

solutions include in-store digital signage, customer engagement and tracking, merchandise monitoring and inventory management, and smart vending machines, among others. In turn, the performance of stores in their locations can be compared based on an accurate inbound traffic solution. The solutions allow you to review detailed metrics, KPIs, and analyze conversion rates by store, easily identifying norms, trends, and outliers, and creating plans to capture opportunities.

5. Cities

Smart cities are growing and flourishing in all parts of the world, balancing economic and technological aspects with human dimensions. The percentage of smart city projects has decreased compared to the 2018 analysis for a number of reasons, such as deadlines. Long bidding, long lead time to start smart city projects, and the need to navigate city politics.

6. Healthcare

is Theincreasing demand for IoT-specific healthcare applications, such as telehealth consultations, digital diagnostics, remote monitoring and robotic assistance,. The pandemic has put the healthcare industry in the spotlight. Typical healthcare IoT projects within hospitals / clinics include medical device monitoring, healthcare team coordination, optimization of workflow operations, while outpatient focused solutions include patient monitoring, assisted living, elderly care and pain medication management, among others.

7. Supply chain

Typical supply chain IoT projects include asset tracking, condition monitoring (eg cold chain, medical products), inventory and storage management, automated guided vehicles, connected workers, among others . The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the value of IoT tracking throughout the supply chain. Unfortunately, recent months have shown the stark reality that even vital medical equipment and PPE can be depleted due to the disruption of global supply chains. Through IoT solutions in the supply chain it is expected to help companies to maintain control, have an overview and react quickly.

8. Agriculture

In 2050, it is estimated that a population of almost 10 billion people will need up to 70 percent more food than we need today. One way to tackle this challenge is through smart farming. IoT sensors can help farmers make more informed decisions to achieve higher crop yields, better quality products, and save costs by reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Smart agriculture projects include precision agriculture , livestock monitoring , irrigation management and automated drones for farm surveying, field mapping, crop spraying, etc.

9. Buildings

Most new and innovative connected solutions aim to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing operating costs through complete building life cycle management. Featured connected building projects involve facility automation and building system monitoring (HVAC, lighting, elevators, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers), building utilization and security (room use, access, surveillance).

10. Custom Projects

Connected Exercise Equipment: Cybex International offers premium exercise equipment used in fitness facilities around the world. Gym owners maintain their treadmills regularly to make sure they stay running, so Cybex developed a web-based asset management system to provide gym owners with real-time data on the gym. status of each treadmill.

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