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Views Functionality: Use Cases

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We have already introduced the Gear Studio’s new functionality earlier: Views.

From now on, we will show you different use cases to understand the potential and versatility of this: in what cases they can be used and the benefits that come from applying this functionality in your business. This time we present the application in construction machinery. There are a lot of variables that can be measured from the field and will be reflected in the Views functionality:

  • Load weight on the shovel: detect if the maximum weight allowed is being exceeded, to avoid breakdowns and extend its service life.
  • Blade status: the use of the equipment genres itself a deterioration that, if not serviced with the corresponding maintenance, can lead to breakdowns, downtime or even an accident, consequently generating significant expenses.
  • Engine temperature: it is very important to check that the engine does not exceed the maximum temperatures, i.e. it is not hot, as this could lead to early deterioration of the machine or even an accident for the operator.
  • Geolocation: It is important to know the machine path to optimize your route and ensure that the operator is performing the assigned tasks.
  • Tire status: Tires will wear out due to use, especially on machines as heavy as these. That is why it is important to have regular control over the status of these, in order to renew them on time, avoiding the costs generated by inactivity.
  • Status of light or sound warnings: Warnings must operate properly to avoid accidents that can affect both the operator and the equipment in question.
  • Status of control bodies and brakes: for every machine it is necessary for its control bodies to function properly, since when they fail, they generate a great expense and waste of time. That is why it’s important to keep them monitored and detect the status of these in order to act on time.
  • Sound pollution control in the cab: there is a law-defined sound level that a person can withstand in their work and it is important to be sure that they are fulfilling, taking measurements in real time during the different tasks performed.
  • Control of the machine’s stop system without personnel inside: these machines may contain automatic stop systems when the operator gets off them, but sometimes the operator can fail and result in unnecessary fuel costs and potential accidents. Therefore, it is important to keep the machine monitored and ensure automatic shutdown when unattended.
  • Distance traveled: Calculates the distance that was made with the machine.
  • Operating time: The time it was in operation is evaluated to measure machine performance.
  • Average and total consumption: this variable analyzes how much the machine consumes and thus measures machine efficiency.


Gear Studio allows you to control all these variables and many more! Through the functionality of Views, it gives you the possibility to monitor them using a graphical representation that facilitates their understanding and speeds up the decision-making process!


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