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What is IoT? Advance your business with this fantastic technology. Here is how it works.

Iot For business
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IoT will make operations faster and more effective, leading to the digital transformation your company is looking for.

Iot For business

Despite the fact that there are many sites on the internet that discuss about IoT, we wanted to create our own IoT Wiki to help future partners gain a deeper grasp of the most relevant principles and overcome their fear of jumping into the realm of the internet of things 💻🔍


From now on, we’ll chat about various IoT concepts that might be essential to start an IoT project, as well as our experience with real use cases.


Of course, we must first define the term “Internet of Things.” While there might be different interpretations, we’d like to share what we’ve learned from our field experience.


The phrase “internet of things” refers to objects that are connected to the internet. But why would we want to connect anything to the internet in the first place?  Because we are making things smarter by collecting and sending information. Smarter devices can boost performance, security, and comfort, as well as our ability to predict needs and make decisions based on real-time data.


IoT integrates data collection and transmission with data reception and action on devices, allowing it to gather and transmit data, receive it and take action. 

As a result, IoT will make operations faster and more effective, leading to the digital transformation the company requires 🙌.


For example, a paint manufacturer might use IoT to track and automate tanks where raw materials and finished goods are processed, providing real-time data on filling and emptying so that decisions can be taken faster and smarter. This would also allow for increased productivity and a faster reaction time to potentially dangerous situations.


📢 As you may have noticed, IoT has a broad reach and can be applied to a variety of sectors, so stay tuned in the coming weeks to hear more about what IoT is and the tangible advantages it can offer to your business.


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