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We are an IoT specialized software company with a cloud platform that integrates a diversity of technologies in order to optimize maintenance labors and generating energy savings.

More than 20 years of experience designing IoT solutions


Improve the relationship and balance we have with the spaces in which we live, work, and share with others, using connected, intelligent and efficient technology.


Help our customers achieve maximum positive impact on their daily spaces, making them more sustainable, comfortable and efficient, regardless of whether they are small office environments, office buildings, or entire cities.





Our Team

Diego De Marco
Diego De Marco

Founder & Director

Founded Cloud Studio at the beginning of 2017, after selling his first technology company in 2006, and founding Solidmation in 2011. Over his professional career, he amassed more than 20 years of experience in industrial automation, managing large scale multi-million projects in five continents.

Joaquin Cervera
Joaquin Cervera


Industrial Engineer who joined our team in 2020, taking the role of CEO, applying his 10 years of professional experience in the technology industry.

Ignacio Malvicino
Ignacio Malvicino

Business Developer Manager

Joined in 2018, taking an active commercial, and business-development role focused on software development and project management with over 10 years of experience in technology projects



With locations in Madrid and Buenos Aires our IoT specialized software company is ready to offer you the best working experience, by enhacing your business with custom and innovative solutions.


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Madrid, Spain

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