asset tracking


Building a better supply chain with enhanced real-time visibility

Asset tracking is an integral part of any business, whether your company is large or small. It helps you keep track of your assets and the financial information associated with them.

asset tracking

Our IoT platform allows you to track and monitor all your assets in one place, using a single interface. It’s a multipurpose white label solution that can be customized to meet the needs of any business, no matter what industry they’re in. Our system helps you manage everything from inventory management to maintenance schedules and more.

Whether you’re in need of an asset tracking solution or want to improve your inventory management capabilities, our customized iot solutions are tailored just for you.

User-centered design

IoT asset tracking is a critical tool for any business, whether you’re in manufacturing or agriculture.

asset tracking

Track what matters most, effortlessly.

asset tracking
asset tracking

Every business has valuable assets, from manufacturing equipment to vehicle fleets or even livestock on a farm. Protecting their safety and availability is critical to your business’s success—and IoT asset tracking leverages sensors and connected devices to enable remote monitoring and management of an asset’s geoposition and movements.

Track individual devices as they move around your facility or travel through the supply chain, ensuring that they arrive at their destination safe and sound. This helps ensure that your assets are always where they need to be at the right time for optimal productivity.


IoT asset tracking also provides a host of other benefits:

Fast, Simple, Scalable

Cloud Studio’s IoT platform is a powerful tool that helps you save money on fuel, cell phone bills, and other operational costs. It also increases productivity and prevents loss or theft of vehicles and equipment.

You can quickly and easily access tracking information using the platform. You get to see real-time location info displayed on a map, vehicle usage (such as Historical track), frequent stop addresses, and lots more. You receive live alerts for specified events such as a driver leaves a defined area.

The platform has been proven to be effective in many different industries including manufacturing, warehousing, retail distribution centers, transportation companies, law enforcement agencies, government agencies and more!

Are you ready to take your fleet management to the next level?

Check out this joint demo with Seeed Studio

In this dashboard, you can see the SenseCAP T1000 Tracker in action, ideal for Asset tracking solutions.

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