Smart Lighting for public spaces

The vertical of Smart Lighting allows to monitor and control the lighting for both public and commercial, managing hundred of thousands of devices from many different technologies. its focus is to maximize the availability of the infrastructure, as well as minimizing the maintenance cost and to improve the lighting conditions of the public spaces

Fully optimized in-house development

BEAM.STUDIO is a set of in-house developed software tools developed aimed at monitoring and control of the luminaire appliances in public spaces, allowing all lighting-related functions in both assisted and automatic way, including on, off, dimming, scheduled considering also sunset and sunrise, and adaptive power levels”

Reasons for using monitoring and optimization of public lighting technology tools

Success Stories

First city in LATAM to be 100% LED!!

About the customer

The city of Buenos Aires is the biggest city in Argentina, the third most populated in LATAM and the thirteen most populated all over the world. It’s a city with a surface of 203 square kilometers. 

Main Problems

Buenos Aires was in need for modernization, the budget usage for street lighting was too high, they realized that the maintenance costs and the frequency of problems, plus the time to repair and the power consumption, were all problems that needed a solution ASAP.

Proposed Solution

Together with our partner, Smartmation, we proposed a solution to cover their problems, smart lighting for automation, control and monitoring:

  • Reduce the time to resolution with alarms automatically assigned to the repairing party with SLA.
  • Reports automatically generated Ad-Hoc and sent via e-mail to the operators.
  • Powerful map view with heat maps, online statuses and alarms.


  • The city of Buenos Aires is the first capital city in LATAM to become 100% LED and fully automatized.

More info:


  • Costs savings for maintenance and repairing has been reduced 60% (considering zero vandalism now).
  • Power consumption highly reduced by switching to LED and controlling efficiently.
  • Neighbors don’t have to report a failure with the tedious work that it comes with, the solution automatically detects an incident and reports it to the maintenance party at once.