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Let us take your products to the next level, implementing Internet of Things technology and leading the automation and improvement of your business.


Benefits for your business

With the Internet of Things, commercial manufacturers can remotely monitor and give support to their products, while enabling field service contractors and distributor, leading to an increasing in efficiency and focusing on their support activities.

Easily Connect Devices to the Cloud

Highly customizable Internet of Things Platform, that is capable of adding personalized functions in order to suit specific business and product requirements. In orther words, automatizating the processes leading to a better performance of the business.

Product diagnostic programs can immediately spot replenishment opportunities, consequently increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.


More Benefits


Remote diagnostic that enables online performance issue’s identification, most importantly providing the consumer with efficient technical support.


Device management that enables firmware updates and reboot feature to remotely located products.


Resellers and service technicians supporting an installed base can plan and route efficiently trucks and resources based on issue severity and root cause..

Use Cases


Commercial Lighting
Increase efficiency and offer additional functionality for your customers by enabling remote access, controlling, monitoring, creating scenes and enhancing securitym managing every variable from the same IoT Platform.
Security & Access Control
Some of the benefits for the facility managers regarding the security and access control to their areas are that they can detect intruders, manage user’s access from anywhere and locate occupants, all at the same time and from the same platform.
Commercial HVAC
Enhance the ability to define accurately heat and cool in specific zones of a building, based on occupancy or leveraging the expertise of a 3rd party service provider to reduce peak loads.​
Self Service Kiosk
Self-service points managed centrally provide invaluable insight about the behavior of their shoppers. The more detailed information they can access, the more relevant the services they can provide, and the more content their customers will be.

Need to develop a specific internet of thing application?

We can help you to find the best solution for your business.

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