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Manage your building grounds effectively, increase safety and awareness.

The facility management industry is changing.

The traditional approach to facility management (FM) has always been related to building management systems (BMS), but many companies are starting to understand that Internet of Things (IoT) solutions will revolutionize the industry by democratizing access to data and enabling a wider application of information.

The benefits of an IoT solution for FM include:

facility management

It's not the future, its NOW!

The IoT solutions are in fact becoming an essential part of facility management now. They help in reducing energy costs, improving occupant comfort, increasing productivity and ensuring safety at work places. The best part about these solutions is that they can be deployed on a large scale without any major investments in hardware or software. All one needs is an internet connection (wired or wireless) and an IoT gateway device installed at strategic locations within the premises.

facility management

Control 24/7

With this kind of technology, owners can monitor individual devices connected to their network remotely over the internet as well as adjust settings manually even if they aren't at workplace physically. This way they can save time and money while also maintaining complete control over their assets at all times even when they're away from office place or home office location entirely!

Sustainable and efficient

The main objective of facility management is to ensure that all resources are being used in a sustainable way, with minimal waste and maximum efficiency. If we look at some statistics from the National Institute of Building Sciences, we can see that there is a huge potential for improvement in facility management:

There are approximately 1 billion buildings in the world and these buildings consume about 40% of all electricity produced globally. This means that if you could improve the efficiency of just one building by 1%, you would be able to save about $4,000 annually on energy bills.

facility management
facility management

Good news!

The good news is that there are many things you can do as an individual or organization to improve your facility management practices and reduce your carbon footprint even if you don’t have access to advanced IoT solutions like smart thermostats or solar panels because they’re expensive!

Check out our LIVE DEMO of Solar Energy Monitoring!

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