At the begining of this month, we’ve had the pleasure to meet with the main ISP and integrators from CABASE (Cámara Argentina de Internet). It’s been a very enriching experience, we’ve discussed strategies and visions, focusing in the development and mutual collaboration. All of that from the bases of Energy saving and management of infrastructure.

The community of CABASE has hosted us in a very warmly way and always willing to share the facility with us.

From the team of Cloud Studio, we want to thank both the participants, and the collaborators who made this meeting happen.

See you all in the following events!

Article posted by regarding Intel event in which we were part of. Our business manager Ignacio Malvicino explains the solution.

New Webpage!

Cloud.Studio has a brand-new webpage! We invite you to visit it and give us your comments!

We’re going to be closer to our customers, networks and partners through this channel and others.

First of the year!

We’re glad to announce the first business breakfast for enterprises of the year! Our CEO Diego De Marco is going to lead the discussion at CABASE offices this Wednesday! Join us!