Main Application 

Our Web Platform has as a main application, the Monitor. From there, it is possible to check online info about all the devices, plus obtaining custom reports and statistics!

Some advantages of using Gear Studio Platform

Flexible and adaptable!

Cloud Studio has an open API. In addition to that and the adaptability or our system, we can integrate immediately with other systems such as security, access, alarms, ticketing and more!

Environmental Impact 

According to what is estimated, a sustainable building offers 30% energy saving in operative costs. The calculation is based on the optimization of using of energy, water and the effective operative cost of the building (maintenance and repairs).

Carbon Footprint

Cloud studio and its contribution to Power Saving

Our vertical Gear Studio is based on two fundamental pillars, on one hand we monitor power metering and environment variables, with this data we generate strategies for power saving. On the other hand and based on the information we collected, we proceed to control heating systems and lighting using our platform intelligence and automation, maximizing the infrastructure efficiency and availability.

So many times we heard this definition, but what is it exactly and how it could impact in our business?
The Carbon Footprint is a report where the emissions of Greenhouse gases that the company produces are listed. The lapse is usually a year, and are divided into:
Direct emissions, such as machines or vehicles from the organization, Indirect emissions regarding the energy production needed for the organization, and Indirect emissions made by 3 rd party products and services hired by the organization. You can check with us cost free, how
we could help you to reduce your Carbon Footprint.

Integration with Google Home!

We want to share with you this vedo makes for our CEO Diego de Marco, showing the integration of our platform related to energy saving and  infrastructure management, GEAR with Google Home.  In the video you can see the interaction between the different parties.

The contribution of green buildings in the fight against COVID-19

The contribution of green buildings in the fight against COVID-19
In the following article, published by China Green Building Council, it’s described the importance of green buildings, and the impact of their occupants.

The article:


Integration between Smart grids and smart buildings

As per as the article we’re sharing below, the smart buildings have much higher impact in the society than what we imagine, not only for the energy they might consume, but also for the energy they could produce.
Please check


where it’s described.

Some benefits of having Gear in this isolation situation:

Due to the circumstances we are passing through, we, Cloud Studio, wanted to use this space to share, some of the benefits of having Gear in this situation in which, buildings and offices are disattended, in order to keep everything under control remotely.

1- Remote control of the facility.
2- Alert system in a situation such as power outages in certain scenarios that could be critical for the user (products could be lost for instance).
3- Integrated cameras to enhance the security in situations of no personal.
4- Comparison between multiple facilities, in order to verify that everything is going as planned from a single unified view.
5- Be able to reconfigure energy modes remotely, allowing for instance, turn on the front signs in relation with the sunset and sunrise.

Business office in Madrid!

We as Cloud Studio wanted to share our happiness with you all due our international expansion. In this opportunity, we’d like to let you know that we’re opening a brand-new office in Madrid by mid of this year.

It’s a huge step for us and for our company, and we wanted to keep you posted about it!!

IoT Day 2020!

We’re pleased to invite you to this event in which we are going to be part of as speakers, IoT Day 2020 organized by CABASE. Our CEO Diego De Marco is going to explain the present and future of IoT regarding Smart Buildings and Industries.

For more information, please go to:


Highlighted event!

The Argentinean Chamber of Internet has mentioned us as highlighted event in its Marketplace due the impact our business breakfast of last month had regarding the development and sustainability.

Thank you very much CABASE!

Google Home certified!

We’re glad to share with all of you the certification we got from Google actions. Considering also, all the devices compatible with Google as extension of it.

We’re adding new integrations in order to provide you the best quality of service!

Finalists of #SmartBuildingsChallenge !

We are very happy to have participated in this gratifying experience promoted by the IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium) and reached the finals of an event of this importance at international level.


Breakfast about power efficiency and sustainability

At the begining of this month, we’ve had the pleasure to meet with the main ISP and integrators from CABASE (Cámara Argentina de Internet). It’s been a very enriching experience, we’ve discussed strategies and visions, focusing in the development and mutual collaboration. All of that from the bases of Energy saving and management of infrastructure.

The community of CABASE has hosted us in a very warmly way and always willing to share the facility with us.

From the team of Cloud Studio, we want to thank both the participants, and the collaborators who made this meeting happen.

See you all in the following events!

Intel IoT 2019 event

Article posted by itsitio.com regarding Intel event in which we were part of. Our business manager Ignacio Malvicino explains the solution.


New Webpage!

Cloud.Studio has a brand-new webpage! We invite you to visit it and give us your comments!

We’re going to be closer to our customers, networks and partners through this channel and others.

First of the year!

We’re glad to announce the first business breakfast for enterprises of the year! Our CEO Diego De Marco is going to lead the discussion at CABASE offices this Wednesday! Join us!