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Gear Studio allows the monitoring and control of commercial and industrial facilities by unifying devices for measuring and controlling electrical energy, water, and gas, to reduce consumption and maximizing infrastructure availability.

More About Gear

Real-time Interfaces with different categories of sensors and actuators:

• Temperature, humidity, motion, lighting, etc. sensors.
• Tank occupancy, fluid quality (fuels, solvents, etc.)
• Sensors for machinery (shock counters, stops, faults, etc.)
• Electrical measurements (consumption, voltage, power factor, etc.)

Graphical Presentation in Customizable Dashboards

Event Notifications:

• Out-of-range variables.
Scheduled periodic reports

Why choose GEAR?

Avoiding the costs associated with losses.

Minimize machine stops.

Ensuring the quality of raw materials

Detect deviations in real time

Reduce consumption.

Prevent failures.

Sense & Actuate

The interfaces in the core of GEAR interact with measurement and performance devices:

Getting real-time data from both their variables and how is it working.​
Storing the data obtained for post-processing and classify them for presentation in Dashboards, reports, etc.
Applying business logic to send notifications in anomalous situations:

• Out-of-range variables. • Failures. • Maintenance situations (low battery in sensors at battery, early warnings, etc.)

Wide Interoperability

Like any component of the Cloud Studio platform, GEAR can interact with a variety of communications technologies:

IP devices accessible on the local network or through servers (access to the respective API is required).

LoRa, acting in the Application Server role.

GPRS / 2G / 3G / 4G, communicating directly to the IP network.

Proprietary technologies, through gateways and hubs to which can be developed specific interfaces.

The architecture of the interfaces makes it possible to incorporate new communications technologies (e.g. NB-IoT) with little effort.


The central application of GEAR is the monitor

It is a web application that allows the real-time monitoring of all assets.

Contains a dashboard that presents the most relevant variables.

It allows the geographical representation of all assets, and deploys details according to the needs.

Allows you to issue historical reports for maintenance, statistics, and data export.

Powerful Application

Gear inherits all the features of Configuration and security of the Cloud Studio platform

Multi-tenancy with one main operator, multiple clients, multiple facilities per client, multiple sites perfacility and multiple areas / sites per facility.

Open API for data import and export.

Open API for infrastructure control and monitoring from external applications.

Its interface architecture allows to extend support to new types of device and communications technologies with little effort.

Local development and ownership of 100% of the property make end-to-end control possible Platform.

Configuration & Security

Gear inherits all the features of Configuration and security of the Cloud Studio platform

Configuring users with maximum granularity permissions, at the individual device level if necessary.

2048-bit SSL protection in all communications.

Single-Sign-On (SSL) including the possibility of identification through external vendors (LDAP).

Secure open API, with individual permissions for each application that uses it, using techniques similar to OAuth.

Main Options


Use the field proven features to apply them in all your customer's facilities.


Need to develop a specific use case. Contact us right now!

Mobile Version

Available for iOS & Android

Remote control of all devices (climate, lighting, etc.).

Real-time consumption data.

Geographic representation of facilities.

Change the operation mode of the branches.

Notification of failures and alerts.