How Cloud Studio can Optimize your IoT strategy by migrating from Google IoT Core to Gear Studio?

18 October, 2022

It’s time to switch from Google IoT Core to Cloud Studio’s IoT Platform — No Hard Feelings

We told you so! Generic IoT platforms, like Google’s IoT Core, aren’t suitable for most projects—that’s why we created Cloud Studio.

Google Cloud will be ending its Google Cloud IoT Core service over the next year, in Aug. 16, 2023. The company’s cloud business has notified customers that its IoT Core service for managing connected devices will be discontinued and they recommend that customers migrate their IoT Core applications to other similar platforms.

Although it would be easy to make firewood from the fallen tree, it’s curious but in a certain way we have been announcing that something like this would happen from a while ago. In fact, a Google spokesperson told the press: “Since launching IoT Core, it has become clear that our customers’ needs could be better served by our network of partners that specialize in IoT applications and services”

And now let’s take a look at our IoT platform introduction to customers: “In recent years, we have witnessed the proliferation of generic IoT products, protocols, and platforms, but we have identified that when applied to meet the needs of specific verticals, they still require case-by-case development, and rely heavily on customizations that require business and technical expertise that in turn are not integrated into those products and platforms. Even within the same industry, each project becomes a unique implementation.” Can you find any similarity with the Google’s declaration?

Generic platforms such as those offered by Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon, provide a suitable solution for software development companies to build the foundations of vertical solutions, but this requires a substantial effort, not only from a technical perspective, but also with respect to the business knowledge necessary to add value. In practice, this means that customers must often use solutions that are built from the ground up to meet their needs.

So that’s it! Vertical solutions are more than just a buzzword. They are a new way to build software that is tailored to meet the needs of specific industries, and they can have a positive impact on your business.

Cloud Studio’s IoT platform allows you to operate on different verticals without these restrictions, immediately, and practically “out-of-the-box”.

If you are struggling to find the best option after this big announcement, then it’s time to schedule an exploratory call with our experts.

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