The IoT revolution is here, and it's going to change everything.

The goal of implementing an IoT solution is to save time, money and logistics through a monitoring system that collects metrics in real time and keeps companies informed about their tanks 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Revolution is Here!

This is a revolution that will touch every industry: from oil & gas to food and beverage, any industry that struggles with remote facilities or assets can gain control and increase efficiency when they take advantage of the IoT.

In oil & gas, the IoT can help increase production by monitoring equipment remotely and reducing downtime.

In food & beverage, the IoT can help monitor temperature and humidity in refrigeration units to make sure your food stays fresh without spoiling. In manufacturing, the IoT can help you optimize production by tracking your inventory and planning ahead.

In healthcare, the IoT can help track patient vitals without having to be always physically present. In retail sales, you can use the IoT to increase customer satisfaction by knowing exactly where your inventory is at any given moment so that you’re never out of stock on anything important for your customers’ needs.


It's not the future, It’s right now!

The possibilities are endless: imagine being able to remotely monitor your oil wells with sensors that send real-time data back to your office! Imagine knowing exactly how much electricity you're using at each location! Imagine being able to track every single bottle of wine from vineyard to shelf! With the IoT, all this is possible—and more!


Anywhere, Anytime

The IoT allows you to monitor your assets from anywhere, at any time, so you can make better decisions about how best to use them. You'll be able to see what's happening in real time and take action as needed.


Prevent Failures

This means that if something goes wrong with one of your assets—a piece of machinery breaks down or gets damaged by an unexpected storm—you'll know before it becomes a problem. You can fix it before it becomes a major issue instead of being forced into crisis mode when it comes time to address the problem.


How IoT Will Shape the Future Of

The best way to think about how IoT can help your business is by thinking about remote facilities or assets. In any industry, there are locations where it's hard to monitor things like inventory levels or machinery performance. Using IoT, you can connect these remote locations, so you have full control over them—and that means increased efficiency!


Leverage on existing use cases!

At Cloud Studio, we believe that IoT solutions should be tailored to the individual needs of each industry. We know that there are lots of cross-industry uses cases that could be leveraged by businesses—but they all have specific requirements, and they all need to be customized in order to work as expected.


Buy & Build: Multipurpose + Custom

At Cloud Studio, we aim to fill the gap between the use case approach and the tailored IoT solution. We do this by combining our expertise in both software development and IoT hardware with our knowledge of each industry's specific requirements.


Broad Industry Expertise

We've worked with all sorts of clients from all sorts of industries, and we've seen how different industries use different types of devices for different kinds of tasks. We know what works best for them because we've seen it firsthand—and we can help you figure out how your business can benefit from such technologies as well.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Cloud Studio can help improve operations at your company or organization then contact us today!

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