intelligent traffic system iot platform ITS sistema de tráfico inteligente plataforma IoT


Welcome to the new ITS generation!

In the miles connecting cities and regions, where speed and efficiency are paramount, a technological solution is born that transforms the way we experience highways.

Cloud Studio's ITS platform is the perfect synthesis of innovation and optimization, merging the frontiers of the Internet of Things with an advanced highway management system, to create a smoother, safer and more efficient driving environment.

intelligent transport systems, its


intelligent traffic system iot platform ITS sistema de tráfico inteligente plataforma IoT

In the realm of transportation and urban planning, Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) stand as a beacon of technological advancement, reshaping the way we navigate and manage traffic flow. These systems leverage cutting-edge technologies, including real-time data collection, analytics, and responsive alarms, to enhance the efficiency and safety of our road networks.

Discover the forefront of highway management with our groundbreaking ITS platform, setting the standard for intelligent and efficient traffic control. Harnessing the transformative capabilities of IoT technologies and real-time analytics, this software suite serves as a beacon, ushering in a new era of seamless mobility on the road.


Our ITS platform opens the door to a world of possibilities, enabling seamless integration with a wide array of systems, hardware and services.

intelligent traffic system iot platform ITS sistema de tráfico inteligente plataforma IoT


intelligent transport systems, its

Our solution offers an intuitive interface that empowers operators to effectively monitor and direct traffic infrastructure from a single hub. With customizable dashboards and views, interactive maps, and detailed reports, you get a complete overview of the system. From traffic lights to highway management, event detection and response, dynamic message signals, CCTV controls and video walls, we provide proven solutions for all your ITS devices


The Incident Management module is fundamentally oriented to be a pillar in the work of the Control Center of the Operators and their work shifts creating an organized, agile, and efficient work environment for the capture, registration and maintenance of incidents or traffic accidents that may occur throughout the operation.

• Location of emergency mobiles in real time.
• Location of the incident in geo-referenced areas.
• Real time Alarms.
• Automatic creation of incidents and possibility to modify and add data.
• Integration with WhatsApp to execute field care in a timely manner.

Join us in this revolution and let Cloud Studio transform highways into corridors of innovation and connectivity!

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