IoT,iot overview


IoT,iot overview

IoT (Internet of Things) is a booming technology that has the potential to completely change many industries. To stay ahead in this dynamic industry, you must first understand the fundamentals of IoT, including its architecture layers, platforms and devices, protocols as MQTT, complementary tools as Digital Twins Technology, Edge Computing, and more.

iot-image internet of things

What is IoT?

The meaning of Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnected network of physical devices, vehicles, machines, and other items that are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity, enabling them to collect and exchange data.

IoT,iot overview

IoT Architecture Layers

Systems are built on a series of layers of IoT, including: Devices, Connectivity, Data Management and Application.

IoT,iot overview

IoT Components and Devices ​

IoT devices come in various shapes and sizes and can include sensors, cameras, and connected appliances. Other important components of IoT systems include gateways, which act as intermediaries between IoT devices and the cloud, and edge computing devices, which perform data processing at the edge of the network.

IoT,iot overview


The communication infrastructure that allows devices to connect and exchange data.

IoT,iot overview

Data Management

The storage and analysis of data generated by IoT devices.

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The software that makes use of the data collected by IoT devices to provide value to the user.

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IoT Platforms

Generic platforms such as Google Cloud IoT, Azure IoT Hub, AWS for IoT, provide an adequate solution for software-development companies to build the foundation for vertical solutions, but this requires a substantial effort, not only from a technical perspective, but also from gaining the business knowledge necessary to add value. In practice, this means real-life customers (Utility companies, ESCOs, telcos, ISPs, government branches, parking operators, etc.) must often use solutions that are built from scratch to meet their needs. On the other hand, Cloud Studio’s IoT platform makes it possible to operate under several verticals without these restrictions, immediately, and practically “out-of-the-box”. These platforms provide the infrastructure for connecting and managing IoT devices, as well as analyzing and visualizing data.


MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocols are a publish-subscribe based messaging protocol used in IoT systems to enable devices to communicate with one another. They are designed to be lightweight, efficient, and low-bandwidth, making them ideal for use in resource-constrained devices such as sensors. With protocol MQTT, devices can subscribe to topics of interest and receive messages when they are published. This allows devices to receive only the data they need, reducing the amount of data transmitted over the network and making it more efficient. MQTT is a widely used protocol in IoT systems and is supported by many cloud-based IoT platforms like ours.

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digital twins iot platform

Digital Twinning Technology

Digital Twins definition refers to the virtual representation of a physical object, allowing for real-time monitoring and analysis. This technology is used in IoT systems to improve decision-making, optimize operations, and provide predictive maintenance.

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Edge Computing Technology

Edge compute refers to the processing of data at the edge of the network, closer to the source of the data, rather than in a centralized data center. This allows for real-time decision-making and reduces latency. An edge computing example could be using a connected device to process data on-site, rather than sending it to the cloud for processing.

OEE dashboard iot platform example

OEE Dashboard

An OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) dashboard is used to monitor the efficiency of a manufacturing process. This kind of dashboards can be easily created on Cloud Studio’s IoT Platform.

wifi iot platform

Wifi in IoT

Wifi is often used as the communication method for IoT devices. Generally those devices should connect to a gateway in order to secure the connection to the cloud and about cyber security threats.

sql table join


SQL (Structured Query Language) is used to manage and analyze data in databases. SQL Server is the chosen database for our IoT platform, and it allows you to manage and store data.

Multi tenancy iot platform

Multi tenancy application

Multi-tenancy refers to a software architecture where a single instance of the application serves multiple customers (tenants). Each tenant has access to their own data and configuration, while sharing the underlying infrastructure. Our platform is multi tenancy.

IoT is a rapidly growing technology that has the potential to transform many industries. Understanding the basics of IoT, including architecture layers, platforms, devices, and key technologies such as digital twinning and edge computing, is essential for staying ahead in this exciting field and boost iot projects.

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