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What is ​Cloud Studio?

Cloud Studio​ is the company who developed from scratch a low-code, multi-purpose and white-label IoT platform that enables​ customers to create custom, functional and eye-catching IoT applications without spending months in development and training.​ Cloud Studio’s IoT platform is an open-architecture platform that can be installed in any server allowing you to monitor, control and automate your IoT devices. Our platform empowers the creation of virtually any kind of industrial application including SCADA, IIoT, Asset Tracking, Tank Monitoring, reporting, alarming, and more. We offer a free trial of up to five devices using our own infrastructure. If this is your first experience with an IoT platform we recommend reviewing the minimum requirements suggested below.

How do I get started?

We recommend creating an account using the “Get Started for Free” button on and follow the getting started guide.

What can I do with Cloud Studio’s IoT Platform?

Cloud Studio offers an off-the-shelf IoT platform designed for the rapid creation, management and deployment of secure, end-to-end IoT solutions. Our platform provides all the capabilities required to build a complete, custom IoT solution with your own brand.

Where can I host Cloud Studio’s IoT Platform?

You can host Cloud Studio’s IoT Platform in our own cloud, your own cloud or on-premises. We recommend getting started with our own infrastructure to accelerate the proof of concept. The required operating system is Windows

How to connect my device?

Cloud Studio’s IoT Platform provides MQTT and HTTP protocols support. Existing devices may be connected to the platform using commercial Gateways.

Do I need to use an SDK?

No, many IoT devices can’t afford to embed third-party SDK. Cloud Studio’s IoT Platform provides simple API’s over common IoT protocols.

What about security?

We only support secure communication. Thus, you can use MQTT (over SSL) or HTTPS protocols for transport encryption. Each device has unique access token credentials that is used to setup connection

How many devices can Cloud Studio’s IoT Platform support?

Cloud Studio’s IoT Platform is horizontally scalable in three distinct levels: application
server, remote caching servers and database server. In the cluster, each server node is unique. Scalability is achieved using the consistent hashing algorithm, which distributes requests between the cluster nodes. Actual performance depends on the types of devices connected to the servers, and whether they are sending or receiving substantial amounts of information.
For example, we have currently more than 70K devices in the City of Buenos Aires connected simultaneously to our platform for monitoring, controlling and automation of the street lighting.

Where does Cloud Studio’s IoT Platform store data?

Where does Cloud Studio’s IoT Platform store data?
The data is stored in an SQL database. SQL Server suites well for storage and querying of time-series data and provides high availability and fault-tolerance.

Which are the minimum server requirements for deploying?

– Equivalent to AWS t3.xlarge
– 4 vCPUs – 2.5GHz to 3.1 GHz
– 16GB RAM
– 500GB of storage
– Operating System: Windows Server 2022 x 64
– Data Base: SQL Server 2019 or superior x 64

How to get support?

You can use troubleshooting instructions or contact us and learn more about services we provide.

Can you provide consulting service for the use and creation of solutions on top of Cloud Studio’s IoT Platform?

Yes, we offer package of hours of Consulting / Training of the platform. Ask for your quotation!

Which are the minimum requirements suggested to get started with Cloud Studio’s IoT Platform?

  • Have the knowledge to publish data in the cloud (internet). If not, customers will need a system integrator or industrial automation.
  • Have the human resources to adopt a new tool, train your team and implement it in your customers.
  • Select the hardware and network for the project your company is going to conduct.

Who founded Cloud Studio?

Cloud Studio was founded in 2017 by Diego De Marco, an electronic engineer and software developer with over 25 years of experience who started his first company when he was 19 years old and turn into a serial entrepreneur with many great accomplishments and some interesting acquisitions. Cloud Studio’s technology is making it possible for all creative professionals to quickly and easily develop a IoT applications that fulfills their needs enabling them to create new revenue streams.

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