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Cloud Studio IoT Platform

iot platform

White Labeling

We’ll make it simple for you to provide your own branded Internet of Things services. Our white label solution ensures product security and maintenance, allowing you to focus on expanding your business.

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iot platform mqtt

MQTT Broker

Our platform offers an embedded MQTT broker which enables you to easily integrate devices and control them with a simple interface that allows for payload decoders and downlinks. It’s never been easier to control your MQTT devices from the comfort of our user-friendly platform!


Give your customers their own space.

With the multi-tenancy feature of the Cloud Studio’s IoT platform, you can create individual spaces for your clients at the touch of a button.

Create unlimited Tenants for your Clients, and manage users, groups and permissions for each of them, so they can access only the features they need and nothing else.

This way, you can keep your customers safe and secure while still giving them the flexibility they need to get their work done.”

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iot platform


We believe that a clear view of your processes is essential for making better decisions. That’s why we’ve created a platform to help you tear down the barriers between SCADA systems, and create your own process representation—one that’s tailored to your needs and the way you think about your business.

With our system, you can easily create different views of the same information depending on the role and focus of the person looking at it. The result? Information that’s easier to understand, and more likely to lead to insights that improve your business.”

Take your brand to the next level and let us help you create a powerful IoT application that is tailored to your needs.

Types of installation
(Cloud Agnostic)

When you’re looking for a new IoT platform, it’s essential that you find one that meets your needs, not the other way around. That’s why we built an IoT platform that can run in any environment—servers on premise, or cloud servers.

It’s time to put your needs first.

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iot platform LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN (or Anyone)

Cloud Studio runs with a variety of different LoRaWAN network servers, including The Things Network, Actility, and many more.

But it doesn’t stop there. Cloud Studio also lets you build your own template using our scripting tool for any device you choose —so whatever your specific needs are in terms of LoRaWAN devices, Cloud Studio can handle it.

No matter what kind of LoRaWAN network server you’re using or what kinds of devices you need to integrate with it, no other platform has you covered like Cloud Studio does.”

Bespoke Developments

Buy & Build? Yes!

You can take advantage of pre-built tools and use cases that help you offer quick time to market solutions to your customers. But you may also request specific developments that enable you to offer a custom IoT solution to your customers.

Tell us what you need, and we will build it. No matter how advanced or niche your needs, Cloud Studio can and will build a solution that fits your project.”

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iot platform app

Mobile app

Bringing your Iot platform into the palm of your hand

The native Cloud Studio app for your iOS or Android smartphone brings all your Iot platform devices and workspaces onto your mobile devices.

Our app makes it easy to manage your devices and enables you to see how they’re performing in real time. You can also create your own workspaces, which provide a simple way to view and organize your dashboards, device events, and other data.”

Take your brand to the next level and let us help you create a powerful IoT application that is tailored to your needs.

Invincible Backend

We believe the best way to build for the future is to embrace flexibility. That’s why our invincible backend offers an open architecture that allows us to create new features without affecting core functionalities, create plug ins or even projects on top of the vertical functionalities.

This approach ensures that our products are able to quickly adapt and work together. We don’t want our clients to worry about having to replace their entire system when new technologies and trends emerge—with us, you can simply add them as they come along, so you’re always ahead of the curve, and never left in the dust!”

iot platform
iot platform

User Management

Cloud Studio’s IoT platform makes it easy to manage users and their rights.

The built-in role-based access control of Cloud Studio’s IoT platform lets you have complete control over access rights, making it possible to securely collaborate with all parties involved in your IoT project.”

Device Model Library

We have a vast selection of off-the-shelf devices. Browse our Device Library to find your perfect fit. Or create your own script for your custom device.

iot platform
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