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The mining industry is a key player in the global economy. It produces a variety of minerals and contributes to the economic growth of many countries. The IoT is set to revolutionize the mining industry by leveraging its unique features.

mining,mining industry,iot

The Metals and Mining Industry is highly impacted by unplanned downtime, low OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), low yield and CO2 emissions.

The main goal of finding a path to cut costs on operating and maintenance with high quality standards is the primary goal. Luckily, thanks to IoT solutions, coming up with cost control strategies has never been simpler. Not only does this kind of platform easily adjust to your operational environment, but it also helps optimize energy consumption.

Mining Challenges

In order to successfully help our partners improve production while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, we need to identify operational challenges first. Our experience shows that in this industry, the top four problems are:

mining,mining industry,iot
mining,mining industry,iot

Let's build the future of mining

Mining companies must overcome the challenge of connectivity by implementing more reliable connectivity methods and data-processing strategies to collect, transfer and present mission critical data for analysis. Mining companies worked with IoT satellite connectivity specialists to ensure they extracted and analyzed their data effectively.

Satellite communications can play a critical role in transferring data back to control centers to provide a complete picture of mission critical metrics. Mining companies worked with trusted IoT satellite connectivity specialists such as ‘Inmarsat’ and their partner eco-systems to ensure they extracted and analyzed their data effectively.

Given the level of risk involved, it’s no wonder that miners are always looking for ways to improve safety and efficiency. IoT is a perfect fit for this industry because it can help:

IoT has numerous benefits for the mining industry, including:


As IoT solves many problems in the mining industry, how quickly you deploy it is the only matter of concern.

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