smart building


A higher quality of life starts with smarter buildings.

Cloud Studio’s IoT platform is a complete, all-in-one solution that collects data from multiple sources and turns it into actionable insights. With the ability to monitor everything from temperature to humidity, it makes your building smarter and more efficient.

smart building

Retrofitting Buildings

We’ve developed an IoT-based system that can connect to your existing infrastructure and make your building work smarter, not harder. There are so many ways to improve the way your building works: optimizing lighting and air conditioning use, controlling access to different parts of the building, monitoring air quality, counting people in and out of the building… and that’s just what we’ve done so far!

smart building

Future-proof Technology

The beauty of our system is that it uses existing controls—so you don't have to replace anything if you don't want to. You can also choose which parts you want connected first and add more later. And we can integrate with any future systems you decide to implement, so there's no worry about obsolescence or incompatibility.

Take FULL advantage of your building management system with Cloud Studio!

Building management systems are expensive, but they’re also an investment. They help keep your facility running smoothly and efficiently, which means increased productivity and lower costs. However, many people don’t know how to get the most out of their building management systems—and that’s where we come in!

With Cloud Studio’s IoT Platform, you can take full advantage of your building management system. Our platform works with any BMS to help you track and manage your spaces more easily than ever before. And since we’re cloud-based, there’s no extra hardware or software to buy; just sign up for an account, connect your BMS, and start using our tools to save time and money on your facilities management today!

Find out how you can improve your building management with this LIVE DEMO.

With our system, your building will be outfitted for the future!

smart building
smart building

“You may not realize it, but your building could be smarter. You see, buildings are the biggest consumers of energy in the world; in fact, they use up about 40% of all the energy used worldwide. That’s a lot of wasted money and wasted resources on wasteful lighting, heating and cooling systems that don’t work as well as they could.

If you’re like most people in charge of a building, you probably have no idea how much energy is being used to keep your building running, or if there’s any way to improve the situation.

That’s where we come in. We make smart buildings more intelligent by connecting them to the internet. Our platform collects real-time information and uses it to make decisions that help you save money and reduce energy use.”

Worried about sensors?

smart building
smart building

Best of all, we’ve configured our platform to work with a wide range of sensors and devices, so you don’t have to worry about customizing anything or paying for expensive integrations.

You can use it out of the box with any device that has an API—which means almost all modern IoT technology is compatible with our platform!
Let’s say you walk into your office building and the lights automatically come on. The air conditioner is already purring. Your colleagues are already gathered in the conference room because they got a notification that you’ve arrived.

Sounds like a fantasy? It’s not—with our IoT platform, it’s all possible.

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