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Why implement an IoT solution?

The goal of implementing IoT devices is to save time, money and logistics through a monitoring system that collects metrics in real time and keeps companies informed about their tanks 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Streamline access to tank information

Make the tracking process more efficient by checking fluid fill levels and other sensitive information, like temperature, without having to travel to the tank location.

Reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Solve the limitations of SCADA

Existing limitations on remote data transfer and power consumption present challenges for remote asset SCADA technology. But now, improvements in inspection equipment radios with lower power consumption and better signal range, such as LoRA technology, allow SCADA to be an integral part of the solution.


Automate tank level monitoring to alert and predict

Detect threshold violations using automated monitoring to send alerts or create reports. Control devices (eg valves) remotely when the tank has reached a certain level to optimize its operation.


Perform predictive maintenance

Monitor and manage the overall status of different components, such as valves, pipes, and tanks.


Optimize inventory management

Forecast company inventories and plan tank capacity.

Any kind of tank can be monitored remotely, no matter what industry you're in.


Oil & Gas


Chemical and Industrial


Food and Dairy Processing


Water and Wastewater




Individual identification by devices in exact coordinates.

Consumption monitoring and analysis

Collect granular data in real time that allows to identify leaks, discover hidden patterns, use predictive analysis for regulation and detection of anomalies

Risk reduction

Automatic alerts notify staff of potential problems, minimizing emergency situations. Unexpected events can cause drastic changes in the filling levels of the tank, in some cases generating spills with the consequent loss of product and the costs associated with subsequent cleaning tasks.

Logistic Managent
Logistics and management of the supply chain

It allows optimizing the route of the trucks and forecasting the load to be transported based on the need for the tanks.


Control the status of each tank from any device in real time without the need for on-site monitoring

Optimized remote monitoring of every variable related to your tanks in real-time Dashboards.

notebook map

That’s it! This information will allow rapid interpretation of Tank variables, thereby speeding up decision-making and shorten event response times.



image tank
industry tank

Why Cloud Studio?

We are dedicated to improving your productivity by applying IoT technology to prevent failures, improve the health of resources and reduce maintenance costs.

Build your own IoT solution on top of a world-class IoT platform. Fast, easy and scalable.

Maximum adaptability for new features development.

Future proof technology will allow our customers to take advantage of new features and device integrations.

+70K devices connected to our platform.

Hardware and connectivity independent platform allows our customers to choose the most suitable option.

Use case approach accelerates time to market, reduce risks and optimize investment.

Open architecture allows customization of the platform in different layers.

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