success cases
success cases
success cases

Buenos Aires City Street Lighting

It’s time to modernize your city. We’ve helped modernize Buenos Aires, and we can do the same for you.

success cases

Every city has its own unique challenges—and different budgets to meet them with. But one of the problems that comes up again and again is lighting. Streetlights are expensive to maintain and keep running smoothly, but they're an essential part of keeping a city safe and on the cutting edge of innovation.

That's why Buenos Aires came to us with a list of challenges: reduce the time it takes to resolve problems, cut down on maintenance costs, cut down on power consumption, and reduce overall frequency of problems in the system. Together with our partner Smartmation, we were able to find a solution that checked off every single one of those boxes: smart lighting for automation, control, and monitoring.

Now Argentina's capital city is the first capital in Latin America to be 100% LED and fully automated—and you can do it too!

success cases

Early Fire Detection ready to use!

An important customer focused on thermal cameras was looking for an iot platform to help them build out their fire detection solution, and they knew that the right platform could make or break their project.

success cases

That's when they found Cloud Studio, a company that provides iot platforms designed to help businesses quickly and easily get a working product ready for market in just months.

Our solutions are designed around flexibility and security, two things our customers care most about. Our ability to create custom features based on each customer's needs allows them to get exactly what they want, instead of being locked into a rigid system with the wrong features or none at all.

With our guidance, the customer was able to build a great solution in less than a month. Now, their fire detection solution is on the market and helping companies save their remote facilities from fires better than ever before.

Ready for your company to be a part of our success stories? Tell us about your business and how we can help.

success cases

Wellhead Monitoring

A premier provider of wellhead monitoring solutions, and they needed a platform that could be tailored to their specific needs.

success cases

They were looking for an IoT platform with a robust set of features, and they needed to be able to build custom features on top of the platform to ensure that they could meet their client's needs.

As any company in this space knows, the technology landscape is constantly changing, and it's not easy to find a solution that can be adapted to your application's specific needs. That's why they turned to us—and our flexible, customizable IoT platform—to build the perfect solution for their clients.

Our platform was able to help them quickly build a wellhead monitoring solution that was tailored to their customer's needs. We provided them with all of the tools they needed (and then some) so that they could develop their own custom features and create a truly unique solution.

success cases

Asset Tracking + Cold Chain Monitoring

An international company that delivers fresh food to restaurants and commercial kitchens, wanted a way to track their fleet of over 180 trucks. The trucks not only need to be tracked, but also monitored for temperature changes and GPS location.

success cases

The customer turned to Cloud Studio's IoT Platform to help create a solution for real-time monitoring and control. Additionally, our platform allowed them to develop their own custom features and adapt their system according to their needs. They were able to build a great solution in under a month!

Monitoring the temperature is important for the customer because the food must be kept in the correct conditions, so it doesn't spoil. The GPS tracking helps them ensure the deliveries are made on time and prevent theft. The information from the sensors allows the customer to quickly react and take control of any situation.

The solution has allowed the customer to improve efficiency across their entire organization. Drivers now know exactly when they will arrive at their destinations, which means they are always on time. The project team has been able to use data collected from each trip to fine-tune routes and make other improvements that have resulted in significant cost savings over time.

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