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The Future of Work

Air Quality:

Air quality monitoring is a big concern in many countries. As cities grow and expand, the population swells, and large numbers of people are packed into small areas. The resulting smog can be bad for the health of the population. Using an air quality monitor allows the government to keep track of pollution levels in densely populated areas.

Traditionally, air quality monitoring is done by sensors that measure Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity (TPH). These sensors can be expensive and difficult to install. One solution to this problem is to use low-cost wireless sensors that are easier to deploy in large numbers at a lower cost than other solutions.

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LoRaWAN is the key to scale

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Those smart sensors can easily be connected to our multipurpose white label IoT platform and are ideal for these types of installations because it allows customers to quickly get started by using pre-configured sensor nodes designed for applications like TPH measurement or CO2 monitoring.

By using our smart IoT platform, you can monitor air quality anywhere!

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People Counting:

People counting is essential for businesses today. It helps them understand consumer behavior and make better decisions. Companies can optimize their marketing campaigns and business operations using this information.

However, it can be difficult to set up a people counting system. You may need to buy sensors, gateways, and a software to implement one. Another challenge is the cost involved in getting all of these systems installed and running. It is not viable for smaller businesses that do not have enough resources to invest in such a system.

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With our white label IoT platform, you can easily set up devices without having to develop any software. You can just buy the devices and start collecting analytics right away. Our platform also comes with an open API, so you can integrate data from your people counters into other systems (like your CMS) or produce your own reports if you need something custom that our tools don’t provide out of the box.

You can also use our analytics tools to do more sophisticated analysis on the data coming from your people counters, like comparing averages between stores in different locations or assessing the impact of marketing campaigns on foot traffic.


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Desk Occupancy and Cleanliness:

How can you make your business more efficient? One of the easiest, most cost-effective ways is to utilize a multipurpose white label IoT platform. This platform can be used for a number of different purposes, including desk occupancy and cleanliness.

An office is one of the major expenses incurred by a business. Making sure that all of the space in your office is being utilized efficiently is crucial. A white label IoT platform can help you manage this aspect of your office operation, by monitoring how often desks are occupied. This information allows you to optimize your organization's operations. For example, if it becomes clear that certain desks are never used, you may be able to reduce the amount of space you rent in your office building, thus reducing overhead costs. Similarly, if it's obvious that some departments need more space than was originally provided for them, you can expand their areas and improve employee productivity overall.

Cleanliness is a crucial factor in maintaining an efficient workforce and preventing illness from spreading throughout the office. An IoT platform makes it easier than ever to keep track of cleanliness issues as they arise, so that they can be addressed before they become bigger problems.

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