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We combine the physical and digital world using our IoT platform to create scalable use cases that address real life verticals, offering end to end solutions that are innovative, provide insights and solve problems.

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Begin your IoT Journey

The Internet of Things (IoT) is dedicated to connect remote devices to increase uptime and simplify operations. Likewise, an IoT platform fills the gap between sensors and applications. In other words, an IoT platform is a set of software components that enables integrators to build applications, collect data remotely, securely and manage devices.

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Improve your operation

The Cloud Studio IoT Platform is an application enablement platform that allows businesses to create applications that scale to millions of devices in a simple and secure way. Users can develop dynamic experiences and perform complex analytics with greater intelligence and real-time operational insight.

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Reduce Time to Market

Thanks to our cross-industry experience we have the expertise to support your unique industry application requirements, as well as the capacity to assist you to deliver results through the implementation of IoT technology.
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Evolve to Data-Driven Decisions

The Internet of Things is an essential tool to get a better understanding of our customers and ease the creation of products that meet their needs. Certainly, it helps businesses to evolve from manual processes to automated ones enabling digital transformation.
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Our IoT Platform Advantages

The Cloud Studio IoT Platform was created for enterprise-grade and heavy-duty IoT solutions. It replaces static designs with highly portable services, allowing for flexible rearranging and customisation even in the middle of the solution’s lifecycle. It provides cloud-native scalability and resiliency while retaining complete control allowing flexibility in terms of deployment.

Cloud Studio gives you control over your IoT solutions thanks to its technology-agnostic approach, providing an application enablement platform to speed development and efficiently utilize data.


Simple & Flexible

Easy to use, code-free application with end-to-end iot solutions that are ready to go. Simple and transparent fee calculator charging for the number of connected endpoints


Easy Connection

Cloud Studio’s device-agnostic platform lets you connect your devices to create custom IoT solutions. Open API’s are also available for your in-house developers if needed.

Powerful Application

Cover a wide range of applications, from monitoring, metering and sensing, to actuate. Execute specific automation strategies and energy saving plans.

White Label

Provide your solutions the way you want. Deploy custom applications to end-users with your Company’s brand, logo, and colors, as well as customized alert messages, languages, and tailored reports.

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Our Verticals​

We focus on three main verticals: Smart Street Lighting with our Beam Studio Platform, Industry 4.0, Facility Management and Smart Building with our Gear Studio Platform and Bespoke projects for specific applications of hardware manufacturers.

Cloud Studio’s team collaborates with customers to transform data and business rules into customized IoT solutions, focusing on a thorough understanding of each use case.

Our Clients

Our customer-centric focus and our highly skilled team are the key factors of our customer’s decision to work with us.  We assist users in lowering maintenance costs, improving internal processes, and generating new income streams in a diverse set of industries.

Transition from proof-of-concept to full-scale production with our platform.

Our Community

Join our partner network to take full advantage of our IoT solutions leading your customers towards the digital transformation.

Collaborating with


In order to learn and enhance customer’s satisfaction, it’s vital to exchange experiences with other IoT-focused firms.
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